Smoking Alternative

An Electric Cigarette Is a Healthy Alternative to Smoking Conventional Cigarettes

An electronic cigarette, or e-cig, is a device that contains the taste of tobacco, but is said to avoid the harmful carcinogenic substances that are contained in normal cigarettes. The fact that these devices are designed to look the same as conventional cigarettes, allows the user to continue with the illusion of smoking cigarettes, to which he or she has been addicted.

An e-cig is a recent addition to the various methods of helping to fight tobacco addiction, ad is said to be an option that takes the health of the smoker into consideration. It has been said to allow persons to gradually get away from the addiction and quit smoking altogether. When the e-cig made its first appearance, it was slightly bulky and thus was not very popular. But technological advances, have led the e-cigarette to be the same size as a filter cigarette, while its look are a complete facsimile of the conventional 100 mm cigarette.

How does an e-cig work? This cigarette consists of an atomizer, a nicotine chamber that is renewable and batteries to power the atomizer so that it is heated and produces vapor from the liquid nicotine. This vapor is inhaled by the user and gives the same kick that nicotine from a normal cigarette would. The tobacco in conventional cigarettes contains many other compounds, which are missing from pure nicotine. This makes it safer to use. To further add to the feeling of using conventional cigarettes, the batteries are also used to make LED lights on the tip glow, whenever the atomizer is switched on, by the inhaling action of the user. The nicotine is in cartridges that can be replaced after they are exhausted. Each cartridge contains enough nicotine to give the same effect of about 20 cigarettes. You can choose nicotine concentrations that are low, medium or high in order to vary the effect. The expense for the initial equipment for an e-cig is high, but in the long run, reduces the cost for cigarettes and can even turn out to be a money saver. The battery does need to be recharged at intervals, but such recharging has become very common in today’s world of electronic devices and is no more a problem.

Other devices that are in use by people who want to give up the cigarette habit are to use nicotine gum or use nicotine patches. These have largely not gained very wide acceptance, because the nicotine hit from them takes a fair bit of time. In the case of an e cigarette, the nicotine hit is immediate. Habitual smokers also miss the act of lighting and smoking the cigarette, something that gum and nicotine cannot compensate for. But in the case of an e-cig, this ritual remains valid to a large extent, and thus helps the user to work towards the goal of kicking the habit gradually.

E-cigarettes have also been accepted as devices that can be used in public, even in places where smoking is not allowed. This thus does not need a smoker to find places to smoke in, when in such public places.